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You know how the 550i goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds?

Well, during the BMW Driving Event, I decided to test drive the 550i, and me and my friend decided to try out the acceleration. I had it on Sport Mode, and I was at a complete stop. When my friend said go and hit the stop watch, I gunned it. I was looking at the Heads Up Display, and once it reached 62 mph, i said Stop!

The time that I got: 6.4 seconds.


Did I do something wrong? Was his timing off?

I remember the guy at the dealership said that BMW will always overshoot the numbers, so in case it doesn't come anywhere near that number, people won't be allowed to sue or something. [Just like how the 335i sedan says 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, but people are able to get times like 4.8] Yeah, the same goes with the 5 series.

If BMW is claiming 5.0 seconds, then people should be able to get times close to 5 seconds and even under.

But the time I got was nearly 1.5 seconds off. Why?

And yes, I did floor the pedal, and again, it was in sport mode. Maybe i didn't turn off the traction control? I donno.