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Originally Posted by FrannieMoral2017 View Post
Have you gotten the Vid done. Going to do the tranny fluid due to my new "noises" I'm hearing and trying to narrow down. Seems simple enough but would like a guide as well.
Sorry no, I have to finish up the engine first. I was doing the valve stem seals & all the bits I mentioned before but decided to rip the heads off once I saw how carboned up the pistons and valves were (only way to clean the valves on the N63 is to drop the engine or pull the heads). Work has been a beast again so I am still at least another week away from doing it.

Really though if you want to take on the valve body or solenoids, all you need is the ATSG manual, it goes into detail on everything you need to know. You could actually rebuild the entire transmission if you wanted to with it. Amazon has 1 left:
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