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Originally Posted by Chuckfireswift View Post
I have a 2010 F10 520d Auto which is my second 5 series (previous was an 520d Auto E61). Since getting my car through my Company car scheme in October 2010 my Employer has brought in a ridiculous new scheme limiting all new cars to 'Band C' (120kg CO emissions or less). As I only want to get an auto I'm currently considering a 320d M-Sport because all of the 3 series auto's come in under 120. The current F10 as you will all know only offers the 520 ED manual with lower emissions than 120.

My question, probably for Ynguldyn who seems to have a lot of detail about the new engine.... Will any of the new engines 518d/520d Auto on the F10 and F11 fall below the 120kg CO emission level which is Band C in the UK? I deally I'd like a 520d F11 when I change again later this year but would be happy with a 520d F10 auto like I have now.

The current 520d Auto is only just over at 123kg so they don't have a long way to go?
Is answer to my question.. both the F10 LCI 518d and 520d Auto's will come in at 119g/km putting them in Band C (UK)... which is good news for me. as I can order another 520d Auto this Summer.

The downside is, this is only for the 17" wheel, so I don't think I'll be alble to get a Luxury/Sport/M-Sport etc.
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