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There is underneath storage at the trunk. I stored mine there and does not make any noise around. In Canada where I am, those portable air compressor can be bought around $20Cdn or $20US.

The slime stuff is way too difficult to clean out when you have that pumped into your tire, the tire shop will def. charge you extra to have that wiped clean and then to patch your flat.

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Thanks Bobblehead, I cant wait for them to arrive.

I read 500 mile break-in but will expect 1k. I plan on doing some long weekend drives to get the mileage because I normally only drive it hard and fast.

Small compressor ... I am trying to figure out how I can make it be safe and still in the trunk, like I said I drive hard and fast and that thing will be knocking all over. I was thinking about bungee cording a small crate to one of the metal loops in the trunk and use it as a storage for a compressor/flatfixer and the other required orange vests and road signs here in Europe.