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Originally Posted by Teddylongtooth View Post
This is what I do, I hold the brake with my left foot so the car won't go forward then press the gas with my right till I see 2500rpm on the tach then I let off the brake pedal and ease into full throttle (if you get wheel spin try lower than 2500rpm) from where I was holding it a 2500 rpm. But don't sit there at the light for longer than a few seconds like this, just start this process just before the light turns green. I would practice on an empty road or big empty parking lot first to see how your car will react. Also sport + does not turn off traction control, it turns off stability controll if you have it. You must hold the traction control button just above the driving mode selector for like 5-10 seconds till you see the traction controll disabled pop up in the idrive to disable traction controll. I don't reccomended you test my launch method with the traction controll off until you try it in a big parking lot or big open empty street or you might end up all sideways, for me this isn't a problem my previous cars had way more power and would annilate my 550 or any bmw for that matter. Happy motoring!

Thanks for the info. As my car does not have launch control I believe that the method you as well as others have described works best (setting off at at 2000 - 3000rpm).