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Goodyear Run Flat LS 2 Warranty

I have a 2011 550 XI M Sport. Although I run after market ACS wheels and Michilen Super Sport tires in the summer I use my OEM wheels and tires in the winter from Oct 15- April 15 +/-. I have blown at least one OEM front tire and bubbled the side walls on three others. I do not have the tire protection package from the dealer for $1500. So Im on my own (so I thought). The first blow out I said Oh WeLL thats what I get for not taking the insurance, I went to some local place and bought a tire for $375. then had it mounted and balanced. Then I bulged a tire and went to another place and bought a tire and had it mounted and balanced after I bought the tire (the place told me they bought it from the Tire Rack) Tire Rack offers road Hazard Insurance (at the time of purchase) for approx $25. It was too late to buy it on this second tire as I hadnt purchased it myself and it was already after the time of sale. I then bubbled another tire (#3). This time I purchased it and had it shipped to my house from Tire Rack who told me that I didnt need to order the $25 Road Hazzard Ins because the tire comes with it from the manufacterer. If it didnt then i could buy it from them but Good year provides it ,free of charge. They also told me that the original tires that came on the car have no warranty and that only replacement tires have the warranty. (this is incorrect, they are all covered by the manufacterer for the life of the tire, either complete free replacement (with-in the first 2/10's of tread wear) or prorated depending on the amount of wear) some times mounting and balancing is included sometimes not. I just bubbled a 4th tire this one is now being replaced free of charge.
Those of you that do not have the tire ins from the dealer- Do not dispare! go to your local Good Year dealer and complain and you shall receive free replacement tires or at least a big discount. Below is a link to the run on flat tire warranty from the Goodyear website. If you dont get satisfaction call Goodyear Directly and speak to customer relations it could save you $450.
here is the link;
F' ing dealers charge everyone $1500 for ins. or for every bubbled tire and they get it for free from Goodyear!