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I am one of those who purchased the tire protection package for $2k-five year deal. I have owned two other bimmers and never puchased the protection. I know have a 2012 535ix with the famous Goodyear LS2 run flats and the dealer insisted I purchase the insurance.
Six weeks after I picked up the car, I hit a small pothole with both the front and rear passanger tires. I immediatly notice a difference in how the car handled. I checked the tire and did not find any bubbles. I finally had the dealer look at it and lo and behold I had two bent rims. The tires are perfectly fine. The dealer replaced the rims and handed me a bill for $1650. I quickly informed him that I had the insurance. My cost was only the $50 deductible.
I believe the insurance covers seven replacement of tires and/or rims. With the winter coming and the incresed possibility of hitting other potholes, I am glad I spent the $2k for protection.So far it was money well spent.