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Hi Guys,
Just thought I would follow up on my experience so far. Having highlighted the tyre wear problem to my local dealer before Christmas, as per my earlier entry, my dealer has contacted BMW technical department and they have requested that my vehicle has a 4 wheel alignment (KDS) check on Wednesday 11th January. The dealer wishes to keep the vehicle in until Thursday 12th whilst they update BMW with the findings. My local dealer has told me that the alignment check will cost 150 but if no problem is found I may get this back from BMW. So now I will have to await the outcome of this check. After all the research I have done, I will definately be looking to put Pirelli 275/35 20's on as replacements if at all possible.

With the number of blowouts being reported you would think BMW would be thinking about a recall on all GT's fitted with Goodyears
With the number of issues reported the factory settings must be the problem and the alignment check is very unlikely to show a change from the factory settings. One of the previous correspondents (I think it was from bickers1972) stated that he had the alignment check performed and the original factory settings were confirmed. I wait with great interest to see the results of your alignment check. Thank goodness for this site. Unfortunately I had no choice other than to replace my tyres immediately and had new Goodyear Excellence tyres fitted!