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Hey ankitpoo -

You are right, given your colors, I think a nice 35% tint would be good enough.

The reason you might have read that ceramic films are "better" is main because their reject more heat. They are also more expensive, thicker and some people reported interferences with radio signals (garage remote controls, cell phones etc.) while others none.

The hue or look of the film is also important. Some will look gray, ever so slighty greenish and other black. I recommend to pick a film that look black given the exterior color of your car.

Finally, it's hard to judge from pictures found online: the same tint will look more or less dark or look different under an overcast, sunny day or at night or under the rain.

Tom is a great installer. He even removes the third brake light and tints the back window with one piece.

You can tint your windshield with 50% and you'll prob. be fine but there is no denying this is riskier.

Just sent you a PM with the details.