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Fugly. I am a bit disappointed in BMW for trying to be all things to all (affluent) buyers. I mean, the X5 in 2000 was a stretch but its now very successful. I have one because it is clearly different and serves a different purpose than a 5 series.

Now there's a five series wagon (lower than the X5)...clearly meant to attract the non-SUV buyer, but now there's a 5 to attract the non-SUV and non-wagon buyer? It's hard to see the logic here. Not a sedan, not an SUV, not a wagon...oh, right....IT'S A CROSSOVER!!!! I thought the X5 was a crossover (sorry, SAV). So this must be a crossover, corssover. Wait, wasn't that the X6? Not and SUV, but a "coupe".

I just don't get these guys...they've taken the 5 platform and bastardized it. Now the 1, and the 3 is next.