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Originally Posted by Autosavant View Post
The Jaguar XF that the author is referring to was a 2010 XF Premium with the 5.0 liter direct injection V8. The Jaguar, which of course is not available with a six in the US, has a significant power advantage, but also had an MSRP about $3,300 less than the tested 535i 6MT. The Jag's price was $62,875 vs. the 5's $66,175.

The cars are in a similar size class and cater to a similar slice of the mid-luxury market, so I'd argue that the 535i more closely competes with the XF Premium. You can feel free to evaluate the 550i against XF, but the value argument becomes even more pronounced in that situation. A 550i equipped similarly to the tested 535i would be about $75,000.
What you say is correct, but still ignores the driving comparison of the 550i to the Jag.

I spent a considerable time before making a choice, a good bit of that time was waiting for the opportunity to drive the new F10's. I did drive the Jag's, also the 535i and the 550i as well as a good many other cars. If it was strictly a money issue and had to choose between the Jag and something comparably priced..... but that still doesn't answer the driving comparison of the 550i to the Jag.

I bought the 550i.