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VDC on 520D SE

Hi there,

I am actually thinking of buying a used 65Reg BMW 520D SE Auto, which has 17in Light Alloy V – Spoke Style 236 with Run – Flat Tyres and Locking Wheel Bolts. It does not have variable damper control & Comfort+ mode, and the ones which have it are very few on sale and so are much more expensive.

I had originally short listed three cars: BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6. The most important thing for me is the comfort instead of sportiness, not just for the driver but also for three family members sitting on the back seats as I wouldn’t want them to feel dizziness/headache. We travel through local streets, roundabouts and motorways.

Most reviews on internet suggest that BMW without VDC is just an ordinary car with bumpy ride. I have not got the chance to try it myself yet but I had once travelled with a friend as a passenger in his BMW 3 Series having sports suspension and it was a very horrible experience. There was so much vibration coming from the road and it was such a rough ride that I thought I will never be sitting in this car again.

So, here is what I am interested in knowing:

Is VDC important on M Sports models with larger 18/19 inch tyres or am I also going to miss it in this SE even in comfort mode? In that case can it be fitted later in a used car and how much it may cost?