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Thanks pz619 that is very good idea... I should probably be sure of that myself, but it would definitely help with any suggestions! I think i'm going for looks rather than performance as that is safer on the car and also the driving licence points too!

Thanks also Fritzer those are great suggestions and you clearly know your stuff. Certainly I have wondered about the trunklid spoiler so that is an option. I would like to lower the suspension slightly but where live there are a lot of speed bumps so I need to consider scraping my front skirt. As for the remapping, indeed i'm unsure about doing that let alone whether it's necessary versus risks to the engine and related parts. The wheels are Veemann which I believe are good quality and the seem to be from my limited expertise, some people think the different wheels style looks good on this car and some don't (like my own 10 year old son!) but this wheels style is something i've always liked on almost any car!

Thanks for your time to reply guys, much appreciated. I'll have a think and definitely some good suggestions for me to consider and explore so thanks again!
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