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I've done alot of research after founding the issue of the oil level inactive. Newtisinfo carry alot of info in terms of the system functionality.

Essentially, it is a special cable that transfer delicate data between the oil sensor, the alternator and the dme. The dme controls the voltage output and sends/receive info to the alternator. The efficient dynamics( charging while coasting) uses the bad system.

If it fails( and I know this as I test this) the alternator goes to basic charging of 13.5 to 13.7 volts.

It is okay to drive but your battery will die out earlier due to irregular charging.

If it is working, your charging spikes up to 15.2 or so volts as you coast and then 13.5 or so as you drive.....and obviously your oil level will function.

So......your sensor has a bsd sensor, the alternator has a bsd "generator " if you will. And the dme gets all the info.
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