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Originally Posted by 550iFreak View Post
Sorry, I was at a seminar and was taken to and from there. Also my phone was at 1% while answering the above post lol.

I see you found the newtisinfo page. That is specifically the harness I was taking about.

You know the sad part? It was only ONE bolt that was slightly loose that caused the demise of my oil sensor and alternator.

The dme should be okay since the oil sensor and the alternator takes the blunt force first. They are more sensitive and if the connection is broken, it won't hurt the dme or others.

It is a Russian roulette, 1 of the 3 chance that will end badly on a costly dme. I hope and pray also that is just your sensor or alternator.

But triple check those bolts. Allen head, I believe it is a 5 or 6mm. Use a ratchet.
So we checked the alternator while idling. Putting out 14.3 volts at idle. So alternator is good. We also found a plug unconnected in the alternator. The plug looks pretty mangled but we plugged it back in. Still measurement inactive. We are gonna check grounds and replace the sensor tomorrow. Question is do I need to reset anything to get measurement back active?
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