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N63 Turbo questions

I will soon take delivery of a 550 and I am considering some mods in the turbo department, just wondering if anyone knows the answers to any of the following, and yes I have used the search button already, can't find much other than speculation on the forum.

1) Who makes the turbos? BMW? Other?

2) How much Tq can the drive train components handle?

3) Does anyone know specific limitations of the turbos? Boost? Mass? EGT?

4) What is the size? A/R? Journal bearing? BB?

5) How about cooling? Oil cooler? Tranny? Where do the intercoolers get their liquid supply? Are the Turbo's cooled other than by oil?

6) Is anyone looking into offer a turbo/exhaust manifold mod?

7) Regarding chip EXACTLY do you increase power? Just more boost or other adjustments? Test your tune more than just once on a dyno? How many miles have your tunes logged? Got any dyno graphs? Turbo graphs? I am not impressed with HP #s alone, so much more goes into it. For the chip tuners...what is your education/experience background? Blown any cars up? This could actually help because if you have not had any failures how do you know where the failure point is? Is there an engineering study to back your work, or just a few mouse clicks and some time on a dyno?

I am looking for folks out there that can quantify these answers vice qualify. Can anyone help?