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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
Meh. Maybe if you'd seen Clark make the most of that pig of a Lotus with the BRM H-16 engine, you'd think better of him -- and of my opinion. Or not. No matter to me. Truth be told I was just a whippersnapper at the time so what the heck did I know anyway.

More often than not it was his decision. I love the guy, truly. And he is brilliant at the wheel. But he jumped at the wrong time over and over again. Either that or he's a storm cloud over teams and they just get better/worse when he leaves/arrives.
I don’t think anyone would disagree that Alonso is a brilliant driver. I am not sure about jumping, unfortunately Alonso also has an incredible talent for burning bridges. I will use HONDA as the most recent example. Everyone knew Honda had a problem with the power units but Alonso repeatedly humiliated them. The result is yet another manufacturer/team (e.g Red Bull Racing) closed off. Look back over his career and you will see he permanently closed one door after another, teams, engine suppliers and team mates. He created a very long veto list and eventually had nowhere to go. If he jumped, it may have been before being pushed (granted, not always).

For his driving skill, work ethic and analytical prowess (few surpass his ability to identify set-up issues) he is widely and rightly admired but he is also trusted by few in F1.

P.s I agree, Jim Clarke the most talented and versatile driver the sport has seen. Like so many of the greats he is a reminder of just how brutally dangerous motor racing was. I am so glad that with the emphasis on safety and help of technology I no longer have to see my heroes slaughtered every season. It is sad to see great driver pass their prime, it is nothing compared to losing them the way we used to.

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