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Originally Posted by AC_S5 View Post
I once rented a Ford Explorer while on vacation in Chicago, their on ramp is quite short I agree, but it's enough to merge into traffic without flooring if you plan ahead and signal. Mind you I was carrying 6 passenger including my 3 year old niece so I will not drive like a mad man or swerve into traffic like a race car driver and though that car have 6 cylinders, I doubt all of them are working as well as the ones found in my bimmer.

I think people on the road there are ok as long as you respect that there are other user on the same roads. All of them drive above speed limit but that does not poses a problem for me merging. Again, this is my experience, I couldn't say that will happen to everyone of us but it does sounds like a driver thing to me
The Northeast is a bit different than Chicago, especially NYC. The highway system is pretty old and sometimes the onramps are an after thought. Drivers here during ruash hour tailgate on a regular basis. If I sit tight on an onramp and wait for a wide opening, I will be sitting there a long time and there would a line of cars honking behind me. Believe me, you need to just force your way in sometimes and the 528xi was not quite up to the task.