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Originally Posted by mdrobc13
Recently moved to Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Tacoma) and my new BMW F10 550i was equipped with high performance summer run flat tires (OEM) with 19" wheels in staggered fitment. Am told I really don't need to add a set of Winter tires however by the local tires shops and folks who have lived here all their lives as we don't get much snow but lots of rain and some temps below 40 degrees from Nov thru March/April. So I don't think I really need a full dedicated snow tire (such as the Blizzak LM-60's which have worked for me in the past very well on my e92 M3 but that was back East in MD/DC).

In an event I want to use my staggered fitment 19" (245/40-ZR19 & 275/35-ZR19) on M sport wheels and put AS tires on them but the available options seem to be down to the following:

-Toyo Proxies 4+ All Seasons
-Michellin Pilot Sport Plus All Seasons
-Continential ExtremeContact DWS All Seasons
-General Tire G-MAX AS-03 All Seasons

The G-MAX are the cheapest and I've been told the Continental DWS tires are the best buy cost wise. The Michellin's are the great overall and the Toyo's are the MOST expensive but I am told as good/equal to the PS plus! So I am pretty much at a cross roads here. Confused! LOL

Don't want to go with run flats and will keep these on the car from now thru the spring but would like opinions on those of you guys who've made the swap before or had any experience with these tires. Input is appreciated from all as I don't want to waste $$ on my tire choice here guys...but don't want to lose alot in the trade off either. So thoughts gents/gals?
I would go for winter tires! It is not a snow issue only but below 7C degree environmental conditions.
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